15.04 is the date for the launch of BB Green

So, 15th of April is the day. Tomorrow morning the bottle of champagne will hit the hull of our beautiful BB Green vessel.

As you may already know, this is the unique project, a game-changing battery electric ASV commuter ferry. 

New, patented Air Supported Vessel (ASV) technology can reduce hull water resistance with a staggering 40%. Approx. 80% of the vessel's weight is supported on a cushion of air, courtesy of an electric lift fan system and the unique ASV hull form. The vessel is constructed from carbon sandwich, - light, strong and suited for efficient series production. Instead of diesel motors, the vessel has electric drivelines. Power is sourced from an Emrol designed Lithium Ion Titanate battery bank. The new battery module is light-weight; yet highly capable. Efficient contra-rotating pod propulsion contributes to excellent performance, maneuverability, and onboard safety. In initial set up the BB GREEN vessels will have a range of up to 14 NM at high speed: more at slow speed. Rapid recharging of the batteries - in less than 30 minutes - will make new ferry concept very competitive on a number of routes.  

The following timeframe depicts the very beginning of the building process - the process of the vacuum infusion of the hull.